Tee Hinges

We stock a large selection of value priced corrosion resistant tee hinges in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes.

A tee hinge is comprised of a strap leaf and a full surface butt leaf, and forms the shape of a T.

A tee hinge is ideal for gates and doors with horizontal structural members for attachment of the strap leaf, and an adjacent vertical structural member for attachment of the butt leaf.

Typical applications for standard size tee hinges include garage and shed doors, garden gates, chicken coop doors, etc., and applications for small tee hinges include hatches for pets and farm animals, bird boxes, cabinets, tool and storage boxes, etc..

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Stainless Steel & Galvanized Steel Tee Hinges
Stainless Steel Tee Hinge Galvanized Steel Tee Hinge
Stainless Steel Galvanized Steel

Prior to 2000, hot dipped galvanized tee hinges with a solid brass spun pin were the most practical finish option for a corrosive environment. Over the years, the main manufacturer of this product has changed from a hot dipped galvanized finish to a mechanically galvanized finish. The evolution of the pin has been from a solid brass spun pin, to 2 staked brass half pins, then to using stainless steel for the pin material, and then after the knuckle was redesigned to accommodate nylon bushings, and because there is no metal to metal contact, the current pin finish iteriation is plated steel that is comprable with the leaf finish. Our current stock of galvanized tee hinges can be any of the above combinations, and/or we may have stock of several of the combinations depending on the style and size.

The most common grade of stainless steel hardware items is type 18-8 (T18-8). 18-8 Designates 300 series stainless steel that is comprised of approximately 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel, and the remainder being mainley iron. T304 Stainless steel is a 300 series with a minimum of 18 percent chromium, and 8 percent nickel. The 300 series grades perform well in a corrosive environment, and although not the ideal grade for hardware in a marine environment (T316 being the prefered grade for hardware in a chloride environment), in many cases the common T18-8 stainless steel hardware items are a practical option.

Early in the twenty first century, production of common exterior hardware made of stainless steel ramped-up to accommodate demand. Today, a hardware item made of T18-8 stainless steel is available as an option for many of the common exterior steel hardware items in production.

We have some remaining stock of a classic series stainless steel tee hinge with a mill finish, as well as polished gold pvd, and satin bronze pvd finishes with a decorative fluted border. We also stock a complete selection of the Lifespan stainless steel National/Stanley tee hinges.