The function of a door stop is to keep the door knob from damaging the adjacent wall. The solid brass, and stainless steel units we offer retain their appearance better than economical units in a corrosive environment.

A magnetic door holder is a dual purpose item that acts as a door stop and a door holder; to keep the door knob from damaging the wall, and to hold the door in the open position. It is a practical solution for holding a door that has a tendency to close on its own, and for situations where the wind catches the door and slamms it shut.

We stock a large selection of corrosion resistant stainless steel and solid brass doorstops that can be used for gates and doors; as well as a selection of magnetic door holders in a variety of styles, material, and finishes.

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Stainless Steel Door and Gate Stop Polycarbonate Magnetic Door Holder
Door and Gate Stops Magnetic Door Holders