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Bold listings in the Site Directory above show your location. General information pages are listed in the top row, while more specific information pages that pertain to the bold subject in the row above can be accessed by clicking non-bold directory listings in the lower row/s (the lower the level, the more specific the information).

Picture Pages show general or specific categories of hardware. By clicking general titles you will be directed to specific categories. By clicking a picture you will be directed to an item page.

Price Pages list price and general information about the items, and is where you select the items and input the quantity you wish to order. Clicking the thumbnail picture of an item, or the word Details,  pulls up a detail/specification page.

Detail/Specification Pages generally show a large picture and list detailed information about a specific product. Here you will find mechanical drawings for many items. To return to the order page click Price Page on the table near the bottom of the page, or click Back or Return on your browser window frame.

The Show My Order page lists the item and quantity that were just submitted for purchase, as well as any other items that were selected previously.

Searches are best performed by going to the Index and clicking a listing.

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