Lockable engaged configuration installation drawings for a 5/8" x 24" cane bolt.

5/8" x 24" Lockable Engaged
Stainless Steel Cane Bolt Details

For installations where it is desired to lock the cane in the engaged position so that the gate or door is fixed.

This configuration requires the purchase of a Basic Kit, an extra Guide Bracket, and a Padlock.  It is also recommended that the Phillips drive screws be replaced with One-Way Screws to deter removal of the brackets.  One-Way Screws are listed for purchase at the bottom of the cane bolt price page.  The Strike Plate is optional.

Made in China

Links to Various Installation Configurations

5/8" x 24" Satin Bronze PVD Finish Stainless Steel Cane Bolt

Satin Bronze PVD Finish

5/8" x 24" Mill Finish Stainless Steel Cane Bolt

Mill Finish