Solid Brass Shoulder Hook

Solid Brass Shoulder Hooks

Uses:  This decorative shoulder hook is for hanging mugs, kitchen utensils, holiday lights, etc.

Features:  Solid brass material gives high corrosion resistance.

Do NOT use for overhead lifting, support of human weight, athletic or playground equipment.
Inspect frequently!

Type Part
Projection from
Leg Bend
N 890005 0.51" 0.07" 0.77" 0.32" 0.35" 0.18" 2
T 890005 0.50" 0.08" 0.72" 0.37" 0.40" 0.24" N/R
N 890205 0.79" 0.09" 1.12" 0.39" 0.40" 0.27" 3
U 890205 0.80" 0.09" 0.99" 0.43" 0.41" 0.20" N/R
N 890405 1.02" 0.12" 1.49" 0.50" 0.40" 0.40" 4
T 890405 0.97" 0.12" 1.45" 0.51" 0.40" 0.50" N/R
U 890405 1.03" 0.12" 1.46" 0.51" 0.41" 0.45" N/R
N 890505 1.25" 0.14" 1.86" 0.64" 0.55" 0.56" 5
U 890505 1.28" 0.15" 1.84" 0.64" 0.57" 0.51" N/R
N 890605 1.51" 0.15" 2.07" 0.54" 0.52" 0.46" 5

Note: Dimensions shown are nominal and subject to variation/change. Also, the sheen of the brass items may not be the same, where one lot may be dull and the other bright. If dimensions and/or appearance are an important factor, please contact us for verification.

Type N- Our current stock may be made in USA, but production has been moved to China. It should be assumed that the item supplied is made in China. Please contact us if country of origin is a requirement.

Type T- Made in Taiwan (bright yellow w/o lacquer coating)

Type U- Made in USA (not rated)

SWL-  Safe Working Load

N/R-  Not Rated

Finish Issues (Type N and U)

Many of the solid brass hooks that we receive have what appear to be small tarnish spots.  The tarnish color of the various lots have different degrees of darkness, with the majority requiring examination to see the problem.  Our understanding is that after the hooks are polished, lacquer is applied and the hooks are tumbled until dry.  We suspect that the hooks dry in a tangled clump and have to be broken apart after they dry and that it is this contact area that is showing a different color due to a different thickness of lacquer finish and/or these contact areas are starting to tarnish as a result of not being coated.  Over time the lacquer coating will wear away and the entire hook will tarnish.  This process will progress more rapidly in an exterior environment.