Solid Brass Open S Hook

Style "A"

Solid Brass Open S Hooks

Material:  SB- Solid brass.  PB- Lacquer coated polished brass.

Uses:  This hook is for hanging home and industrial products.

Features:  Solid brass material gives high corrosion resistance.  Can be opened and closed with pliers.

Do NOT use for overhead lifting, support of human weight, athletic or playground equipment.  Inspect frequently!

Item No. Wire Diameter Overall Length I.D. Opening Width Style SWL COO
832105 0.08" 3/4" 0.25" 0.25" 0.46" A 5
832105 0.08" 3/4" 0.25" 0.20" 0.40" S N/R USA
832205 0.09" 7/8" 0.26" 0.24" 0.54" A N/R USA
832305 0.11" 1" 0.32" 0.34" 0.62" A 10

Note:  Dimensions shown are nominal and subject to variation/change.

Some hooks may be available in different styles. When ordering, specify the style in comment box, if unspecified, either style may be supplied.

SWL-  Safe Working Load

N/R-  Not rated

COO-  Country of Origin