LifeSpan Satin Stainless Steel Gate Spring
LifeSpan Satin Stainless Steel Gate Spring Drawing

LifeSpanTM Satin Stainless Steel
Gate Springs

Features and Benefits

Manufacturer notes: The 11" spring exerts a greater closing force, whereas the 14" spring has a gentler closing action. To perform properly, the gate should swing freely.

Made in China

LifeSpan Satin Stainless Steel Gate Spring Installation Pictures

Installation Instructions

IMPROTANT: Must be installed with top to right, on hinge side of gate, and as vertically as possible. Note: Gate spring top has "Top" stamped on the top bracket.

1) Position gate spring with movable mounting bracket towards top of gate and tilted to right.

2) Drill 7/64" pilot holes.

3) Fasten gate spring with screws.

4) Torque spring by turning top movable hex head clockwise.

5) Lock position by placing flat "stop" between mounting bracket and flat side of hex head.

6) If needed, repete Steps 4 and 5 (maximum 3 times) for increased tension.