Satin Stainless Steel Thumb Latch Set

Ornamental Satin Stainless Steel Thumb Latch Set

(for In-Swinging & Out-Swinging Gates and Doors)

Features:  This ornamental satin finish stainless steel thumb latch is designed for single action in-swinging and out-swining gates and doors up to 3" thick, and can be installed to accommodate right or left-hand installations. The unique design features a slide bolt action that locks the gate or door from inside, and a padlock (not included) can be shackled through a hole in the bolt to lock it securely.

Material:  Type 304 stainless steel, with type 18-8 stainless steel fasteners.

Dimensions:  The overall handle width is 2", height is 11-1/16" and clearance is 1-3/4". The overall dimensions of the inside locking mechanism is 8-1/4" x 2-3/16" and the unit protrudes 1-3/8 from the surface.

Includes the following Stainless Steel Fasteners:  4-  #10 x 1" (to mount the inside locking mechanism) and 2- #12 x 1-1/2" (to attach the strike) Phillips pan head tapping screws, 1-  #5/16 x 2" hex head lag bolt (to secure the handle top), and 1- 5/16" x 1-1/4" hex head machine bolt with washer, lock washer, and hex nut (to fasten the handle bottom).

Notes:  The supplied fasteners will work for many gate designs, but the lengths are not suitable for all. Also, a personal opinion suggestion is that a carriage bolt head is preferable (appearance wise) versus the hex head bolts that are supplied, but the lug under the head of a 1/4" carriage bolt would need to be tapped into the handle hole/s in order for the carriage bolt head to fit flush, and depending on the size of the lug, this may require drilling the hole larger. Also, to accommodate a carriage bolt in the top position, the length would have to be sized and the gate frame countersunk so that the bolt and nut did not protrude beyond the face of the gate frame. If you are interested in modifying the installation and having us provide the carriage bolts, please make comment, and list your gate thickness at the top and bottom handle hole positions, in the note box on the final checkout page.

Made in China